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Hey everyone,

This webpage has been created by PromiseLand Church to help communication with residents of Lime Kiln and Hilliard roads.  Our intent is simply be a resource for this local community.  Nothing said or done on this site will be used by or for church purposes.  After the last flood, we realized that our area needs help in times of these natural disasters. Flooding and fires can pose a real threat to the residents of Lime Kiln and Hilliard.  We would like to help communicate with one another and find resources during these situations.

There are currently a little over 1400 mailing addresses in this area.  If each address has 2 or 3 people living there, then we have a potential of 2800-4200 people living out this way.


After the last flood, we reached out to the Hays County Commissioners to see what their ideas were for our bridge access.   We offered our church as an emergency response location during crisis and a meeting spot for further communications with the county.  This was their response:

From Ray Whisenant, Precinct 4

Thank you for your email. Thank  you and your congregation for helping to provide assistance and shelter during the flooding.

Commissioner Conley and I Share responsibility for Hilliard Road, Precinct 4 has Lime Kiln Road. 

Prior to redistricting I had taken initiative to address better access for Lime Kiln and Hilliard. The consensus was that most people did not want to improve access to the area because of developmental concerns. I cannot speak for Commissioner Conley, but I will be making an attempt to provide an opportunity for the public to consider possible options for better access in a public meeting.

From Will Conley, Precinct 3

We are aware of these issues and continue to work on them. Thank you for the information and for being a resource in the area. We will be in touch

As a resident of Lime Kiln or Hilliard Road, what is your opinion?




A Facebook Group has been created to help communication as well.  Please join the group and pass the word if you are on Facebook.

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