Will better access mean more development?

Some think that a new bridge over the Lime Kiln main entrance and another access point on the end of Hilliard or Lime Kiln will spur new development in the Lime Kiln/Hilliard area.  Most do not want new development in our area.

How much does that matter in relation to having emergency access during fires or floods?

Also, most of this area is in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone which has caused the City of San Marcos to limit annexation and drive away developers because of the added expense this causes to development.  Thankfully, this zoning is not going away.

What is your opinion on these topics?

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10 thoughts on “Will better access mean more development?

  1. Lita Miller

    Regardless of the possibility of development we need to think safety first.Zoning can put and keep development at bay but access is important to all who live in this area. Homes burn down and ambulances can not get here in a “fast” time. There does not need to be stores or schools or gas stations but we do need better and safer access to the area.


  2. J. Lee

    I am a relatively new comer to this area having moved here a few months before the 1998 flood having moved out here from the south end of town. Growth is inevitable so rather than think no growth because the no vacancy signs are not going to work we need to grow smart. One not so smart move, in my opinion, was the road swap where we use to have a secondary exit at the top of Hilliard across the low water crossing on the Blanco. We also had an opportunity to discuss the road extension for MoPac from Austin to Hilliard. That was soundly blasted at the one and only hearing on that matter. The last item is the loop around San Marcos. I still and not sure where that will cross but to me we need an alternate road out here. If there were a fire emergency responders would be cut off and so would we. I would also love to have a way out in the morning rather than wait in line during morning and evening school days just trying to get to Post Road. I would like to see either the loop to be constructed and or an access road through Freeman Ranch to RR12. Let’s plan and grow smart because growth will come. For those not wanting growth you have an option and that is to incorporate so the city cannot annex and you can set your own planning and zoning rules. I am sure that would turn out to be a mess.


  3. I agree that if people cross the water and get stuck or break their car, then that is their own responsibility. However, if someone goes into labor, has a heart attack, or some other major issue and emergency vehicles are unable to access them, then that’s a bigger deal. Also, Starflight helicopters are unable to fly in bad weather. The county spends money on a lot of different items. Offering access to this area seems like a reasonable project. I don’t believe that access will make this area any more “city-like”.


  4. Steve

    I have spoken to neighbors who thought that access to Hilliard Road via Wimberley or Kyle would likely increase crime in the area. The argument was that one way in/one way helps deter crime. I do think, however, that the danger from fire or some other natural disaster outweighs that concern. Let’s elevate Lime Kiln Bridge and build a HIGH bridge over the Blanco between Kyle and Hilliard Road.


  5. Cori

    I’m mystified by the people who seem to believe that the city, university and county are all in agreement of how to protect the aquifer from developers . Even stranger are those of you who seem to think the recharge zone MEANS something in terms of development restrictions. Where have you people been the past five years as citizens have been fighting and losing development battles in the city and out in the ETJ? The Buoie Tract apartments, Paso Robles, and Lazy Oaks/La Cima are all enormous developments that sit on top of the recharge zone. Dye traces on the Bouie Tract show a direct connection to Spring lake. It was ok’d any ways. La Cima was sensitive enough to be considered runner up for funding as a county park preserve – but when another piece of property won the bid, suddenly the county commissioners decided it was a great place for an executive housing development. The proposed Windmere development was blocked *only* because of a dedicated landowner and the efforts of San Marcos River Foundation. Don’t kid yourselves that your area out Hilliard/Limekiln is safe from development because it is environmentally sensitive – in no way is this true.


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